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Madden 13 Connected Careers Coaches Guide

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Madden 13 Connected Careers Coaches Guide Empty Madden 13 Connected Careers Coaches Guide

Post by SGT Dido on Thu Dec 27, 2012 10:29 am

Here are a few tips for Madden 13 Connected Careers Coaches.

- Should you be a Team Builder, Strategist, or Motivator?

This is important. For whatever reason, EA did not explain or display the perks of each of these back stories when you are creating your coach. The answer is, strategist.

Motivator - 25% discount on free agent packages (increase the chance they sign), 25% discount for retirement packages (decrease chance a player retires)

Team Builder - 25% discount on re-sign packages, discounted expert scout skill (23k coach xp rather than 32k).

Strategist - 25% discount on XP boost packages and coach packages. These are the ones that let you target specific positions to boost their XP gains.

In my opinion, the motivator and team builder are not really great advantages. Choose strategist so you earn more XP and can buy coach packages faster.

- Buy the expert scout package ASAP

This is a skill that you buy under coach progression. It is going to give you double the scouting points each week. If you intend to play more than 1 season it is important to have plenty of scouting xp to learn as much as you can deep into the drafts. That is how you will find those gems.

- Smart Scouting

There's really no reason to spend your scouting xp each week. Save it until after free agency and pre-draft so you can focus on specific positions you need. Target those positions and use your xp to revel the Grade level for each attribute you feel is important to you. For CB, it may be speed, awareness, and man coverage for example. You can use minimal xp to reveal these attributes and weed out the players that wouldn't cut it. Once you are down to a couple candidates, you should consider revealing their development. This will reveal how quickly the player will progress and gain XP. There is slow, normal, quick, and super star ratings. The cost to reveal the development is 5000 xp so make sure you are really interested in this player before you reveal this attribute.

Hope this helps!
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