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5 New Attribute Categories for Madden 13 Connected Careers Mode

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5 New Attribute Categories for Madden 13 Connected Careers Mode Empty 5 New Attribute Categories for Madden 13 Connected Careers Mode

Post by SGT Dido on Thu Dec 27, 2012 11:06 am

I have decided to break down the five new categories for attributes in Madden 13. I think this may be helpful for you, especially when scouting.

The five new attributes are: Physical Rating, Intangible Rating, Size Rating, Production Rating, and Durability Rating. These ratings were in previous versions of Head Coach but here is the official explanation for each of them. Essentially these attributes are similar to the OVR rating which really means nothing but it is a measuring stick to compare one player to another in the same position. For scouting, it may be cheaper to just unlock some of these ratings rather than find individual ratings you are interested in.

Physical Rating: Calculated from a player's physical ratings, player type, and position. For example, a WR's physical rating would weigh heavier on speed, agility, jumping and catching where as an offensive lineman is weighed on run, pass and impact blocking.

So let's take a look at a couple players. First up, Jay Cutler has a 97 physical rating. For a QB, this is most likely based on Throw Power, Throw On the Run, Play Action. Cutler is physically gifted as a QB because he has really good throw power and above average throw on the run and play action. Colt McCoy on the other hand only has 81 throw power and has a 76 physical rating so for QB it is definitely most affected by throw power.For CB's Johnathan Joseph and Aqib Talib, jumping, catching, and speed will all be factors in their CB physical rating which they are rated 92 and 93 respectively.

Intangible Rating: Calculated off of a player’s intangible ratings. Player type and position are also taken into consideration. For example, a QB’s intangible rating would be weighed heavier on short, medium, and deep accuracy while a defensive end is weighed on block shedding, power, and finesse moves.

Think of intangible as a way to determine how "smart" the player is at their position. Drew Brees, Tom Brady, and Peyton Manning lead the way for QB's. Take a look at John Skelton. He is physically gifted with a 95 physical grade. This is great and one of the top ratings for QB's, but his intangible rating is what hurts him. He is only a 68. This means he may have great throw power but his accuracy will be much lower. WR's intangible rating is mostly weighed towards their route running. LB's will be mostly weighed towards Zone and Man coverages.

Size Rating: Calculated from the height and weight of a player while also factoring in the position and player type of that individual. For example, a Power RB who is 6’0”, 247lbs, would have a 99 size rating. But if he were a Speed HB, his size grade would be considerably lower.This one is pretty self explanatory. For a WR height matters. I am not sure how weight is taken into account, but with the new physics engine it could actually make a difference.

Production Rating: Calculated from the player’s season and career stats, position
and age. It is important to understand that a rookie will enter with a production rating of 0. That will increase as he begins to produce on the field.

This one is interesting and is most likely tied to how a contract is negotiated. If you have a rookie that shoots up from 0 to 100 production rating in his first few years then he is going to want a bigger contract when its time to resign him. If he is producing on the field, he is going to want to get paid. The more you use the player, the higher his production rating will be.

Durability Rating: Calculated from a player’s durability rating. Injury, stamina, and toughness are all factored in when determining the durability rating. The age and position of a player are taken into consideration as well. This is a quick way to check to see how likely the player is to be injured, how fast he will recover, and how long he can stay on the field without getting tired.

These are not going to affect on the field play but give you a quick glance at the various aspects of the players overall skill and ratings for their position.

Hope this helps!
SGT Dido
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