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Post by GeT FeArSoMe on Wed Apr 20, 2011 1:30 am


Quarter Length: 8 Minutes
Accel Clock: 20 Seconds
Difficulty: All-Madden
Injuries: ON
Fatigue: ON


ALL trades must be APPROVED on the SITE before being processed on xbox live.
ALL FA signings MUST be POSTED on the SITE

The league will advance every 2 days at 10pm EST. Make sure that you will be able to get your game in otherwise don't even sign up because slackers will be removed.

I have zero tolerance when it comes to glitches, so if you get caught doing ANY GLITCH you will be removed. If you are unsure if it is a glitch then it MOST LIKELY is one. Don't be afraid to ask if you are unsure.

Your HB should not be your leading WR.
DO NOT call inside runs and run outside instantly towards the sideline
DO NOT swerve, try to use the juke/spin/stiff arm move
DO NOT drop back 15-20 yards every play.
DO NOT scramble to the sideline right away with your QB unless under pressure
DO NOT run the same play over and over, please mix up play calls
You may put players in motion, however that player must be set before you hike the ball.
No Huddle:
Hurry up offense may be used, but ONLY under these circumstances:
Within 2 minutes of the half
Anytime in the 4th if you are down by a large margin

4th down rules:
You may go for it on 4th down if it is reasonable, such as:
4th and 1 on or beyond the 50 yard line
4th and 2 on or beyond opponents 10 yard line
You are down in the 4th quarter you can go for it anytime if its reasonable
If you are up by a good amount, don't go for it, just punt it away and be considerate of other palyers

DO NOT run the same play over and over, please mix up play calls
You must engage the O-Line if you are usering the D-Line
I do not care if you move a player pre snap, but you must control the player that is moved.
You CAN NOT move a player then change to a different one.
You CAN move players you are not controlling by using the strategy pad

You CAN NOT use the Goal Line formation on offense and defense unless you are at either teams goal line.

Do not move any special teams players before snap

Onside Kicks:
Are allowed in the 4th if you are down

If you disconnect in the 3rd quarter the winning team has the choice to be spotted point difference
If you disconnect in the 4th quarter the winning team has the choice to be spotted point difference
If you disconnect in the 4th quarter and the winning team has the ball with a 15+ point lead the winning team is allowed to play the computer
If you disconnect in the 4th quarter with under 2 minutes remaining with a 2 possession lead the winning team has the option to play the computer

DO NOT pad your stats whether you play a user or cpu
Do NOT milk the clock the whole game
Run the ball when you are leading by a large amount
Kneel the ball if you have the lead and the game is about over
Run different formations all game do not just come out in one formation, this goes for offense and defense.

Check Trade Rules Post

QB as QB
WR as WR
TE as TE or 5th WR or 2nd FB
HB as HB
FB as FB
LB as LB
CB as CB or Safety
Safety as Safety or CB
DT as DT or DE
DE as DE or DT
O-line anywhere O-line

WE all know what SIM is and if I forgot something and someone is exploiting and playing lobby style game-play then expect actions to be taken.

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