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Falsely accused of cheating.

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Falsely accused of cheating.  Empty Falsely accused of cheating.

Post by smashinmofoes76 on Sun Jan 06, 2013 7:14 pm

Okay my boy just got kicked out of the league becuase he was accused of cheating another user. He just was not active enough on the site to deffened him self. I'm not saying he did it. Or didn't do it I'm just saying to deffend ya self.

I played falcons user. I admitt that the first game we played , which didn't finish because of his connection, I ran the same plays over the first drive which he stopped me and I punted. I stiped him and he punted to me. First play of the drive I pick a PA play in tight set and scored. My thinking is the same as the NFL. When ever u get a pick or a punt next play with go for a big one. After scoring he paused and said I was Cheating coming out four wide. Boom........... He gets kick for eeccesive grieving. Note that I do have pics.

We're off line texting back and fort about cheating and rules. Long story short. We start another game, of course being a good guy his is, the falcons user, he lets me start with 7 and gives me the ball. Keeping it mindful that he thinks I'm a cheater I start picking the plays madden suggested . Few runs, some pa dump passes. Mixing it up. In the process I hurry my guys and called timeouts ASAP. It's a habit to run no huddle but I do wanna play by the rules. I ended up scoring on him on a 9playdrive making it 14tozreo. He gets the ball throw a pick. Next drive I try be a asshole and try and get a 20play drive on him. During the proccess of me driving up the feild inch by inch his connection says he has been kicked for exssecive grieving. I don't feel like wasting my time with this. I'm trying to play by the rules but no matter what I do if guys can't beat me then it's is cheating or maybe it is because I'm the raiders and everyone think that they cheat. Idk

I'm tried of trying to play guys who quit then have to play computers. Wasting time. At the same time I wanna compete with a bunch of guys, this is my first year playing leagues and enjoy it, just sucks when I have to play the user 2 times before they quit then have to play the computer after they are booted. Gotta see that I am making an effort to play by the rules. Heck I'm writing all this on my iPhone.


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Falsely accused of cheating.  Empty Re: Falsely accused of cheating.

Post by bayoub3ngals on Tue Jan 08, 2013 12:22 pm

its not cheating. its called cheezing. u say u "tried" to play sim. but looking at ur last weeks stats with pryor says otherwise. that is not sim play no matter how u look at it. do you even know what sim is?


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